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Submitted on
February 5, 2009
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Between the lines, I blur,
I search for something I've lost.
Do you even wonder
if I'm all right?

Just before you feel
night steal away your heart,
I hope you remember
the way I used to look at you.
Before I discovered that
heroes fall and lines divide,
around my eyes that quest
like a tongue
that no longer wants me.

Wonder if you ever think about
the way I'd tell you everything
with a smile.
You held my hand
and my head a little while,
as we snuck into
the morning after.

I know that I deserve so much better,
but I do not know
how you sleep at night.
reflecting on my past :)
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That... that I rather like, and to steal the line from the last poster there's this sensation of bitter sweet running through the whole thing. I like the fact that the end's such a sudden cut off as well, or at least it was in my head when I read it, gives the feeling of the reflection being wrapped up in some way. If that makes sense...
yeah it's good that you read it that way :) it was definitely written in a mood of acceptance and resolution despite a residual feeling of sadness and loss with perpetually unrequited love
robert-kim-karen Jun 14, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Bittersweet resolution.
oo i wil this i really envy you i am having trouble thinkiing i am writing the same story over again that is why i havent submitted in a while any of my new songs.

I really enjoyed this peice for its emotion and how you give it a perspective that is new i love you last line
its ok i like reading your story :) though sometimes its hard to follow with so much time between parts! :P i havent really submitted much on here lately either since my Eggshell Pink story. Havent felt like ive had much to say with writing or with photomanips.

thank you :glomp:
I know its been hard at the moment with everything going on to just sit down find myself writing when i am at wrk or uni just on paper of where the story will be going and songs have been writing loads of those just think people are sick of reading them :) your welcome you have such a talent creating such art work as you do and the emotion you get along with the imagery is incrediable its just a pleasure to get the chance to read :hug:
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